i.hate.everyone is a tasteless party card game, allegedly about social media attention whoring, but mostly about trying to make your friends laugh by coming up with the most hilariously atrocious phrase to fit the current question or fill-in-the-blank. Guaranteed* to provide hours of fun!**

  • 3-8 Players
  • 30+ Minutes
  • Ages 16+ (at least)
  • In order to play you will need to get a set of 50-100 of some kind of tokens. You can use pennies, glass beads, playing cards, whatever, or the game has alternate rules to let you play without them.

i.h.e is available as a no-frills print-and-play game, or as a fancy print on demand product through DriveThruCards.



i.hate.everyone (Base Set)

This is the base set of i.hate.everyone, which includes 100 Status Cards and 280 Comment Cards, everything you need for hours of shameful fun.

i.hate.everyone Free Print and Play PDF
i.hate.everyone Rules PDF
i.hate.everyone Print on Demand via DriveThruCards


i.hate.fandom (Alternate Set)

i.hate.fandom is an alternate base set for the game with an emphasis on geeky stuff. It follows the same rules and everything, but has cards about memes, My Little Pony, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, anime, video games, and so on. You can play it as a separate game, or combine it with the base set to make one giant, unwieldy (but fun) monstrosity.

i.hate.fandom Free Print and Play PDF
i.hate.fandom Print on Demand via DriveThruCards



ihb-coverThis is a set of 104 cards about ponies and the fandom around them. It consists of 30 Status Cards and 74 Comment cards, and since it plumbs the depths of the brony fandom it’s
i.hate.bronies Free PNP Version
DriveThruCards POD Version

Custom Pack

The i.h.e “Custom Pack” is Creative Commons licensed set of files to allow you to create your own i.hate.everyone cards, and even to sell them yourself. It’s an Attribution license, so you just have to give credit, but you can make and sell stuff however you like otherwise.

Download the i.hate.everyone Custom Pack

Coming Soon

  • i.hate.gimmicks: A collection of cards with goofy rules gimmicks, including more stupid tricks, funny voices, rolling dice, and even new Status cards that call for each player to play two Comment Cards.
  • I have way, way too many other ideas for expansions. If there’s something you’d especially like to see let me know!

Like Tokens

You can use just about anything for Like tokens, but if you would like semi-official looking ones that actually say “Like” on them, here’s a way you can get some. Download the PDF below, and use it to order a full sheet of 5/8″ Square Game Counters from Superior POD, which will cost $5.99 plus shipping.

Like Tokens PDF (icon is Like by Shmidt Sergey from The Noun Project, used under a Creative Commons attribution license.)
like tokens photo

*Not an actual guarantee.
**And/or shame.

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