Adventures of the Space Patrol

Adventures of the Space Patrol is my “retro-cute sci-fi” RPG about having fun, heart-warming, bold adventures with minimal preparation. As a player, you’ll become a Space Agent, one of the proud members of the Space Patrol’s Earth Branch, and help ordinary people with space-related problems. Along the way your Space Agent will make new friends and bravely work to solve the problem at hand.

The game uses a variation of Fate Accelerated Edition, with all the necessary rules included. In order to play you’ll need some dice (Fudge dice are the easiest to use, but there are plenty of other things you can substitute), tokens, and a few friends to play with. The game uses pre-generated characters to help you get into the action as quickly as possible, and tables for the GM to quickly generate scenarios using a deck of playing cards.

Below is the current, fully playable draft of the rules. It’s had a handful of playtests, and seems to be more or less working, but it hinges a lot on the players getting into the spirit of the game. (Which is a big part of why I changed the selection of Space Agents a bit from the earlier drafts).

Adventures of the Space Patrol Playtest Version 2 PDF

2 thoughts on “Adventures of the Space Patrol

  1. Is the first playtest draft still kicking around somewhere? I would like to see how the system has changed from it’s pre-FAE incarnation.

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