Yaruki Zero Podcast #22: 2013 in Review


Yaruki Zero Podcast #22 (39 minutes, 42 seconds)

2013 was quite a year for me, plus I haven’t done a proper podcast in ages (literally over 2 years…), so I decided to do an overview of my year, covering the Channel A and Golden Sky Stories Kickstarters, Maid RPG, Fate and Adventures of the Space Patrol, Destiny Dice, Beyond Otaku Dreams, and a few other odds and ends.

This podcast uses selections from the song “Click Click” by Grünemusik, available for free from Jamendo.com. If you like the song, consider buying some CDs from Nankado’s website.

Caricature of Ewen courtesy of C. Ellis.

4 thoughts on “Yaruki Zero Podcast #22: 2013 in Review

  1. Very enjoyable podcast. As one of your international backers for Channel A, it is indeed quite expensive to order things on-line from smaller companies now due to the price rise of overseas deliveries, and I imagine it must be even harder to organise. My brother seems quite interested in Retail Magic after I told him what you compared it to, so here’s hoping if you’re able to licence and release that we’ll be able to do something with that. Also looking forward to Magical Burst and its potential supplements – Madoka’s great, but there are a lot of other magical girl series out there that are deserving of attention, and it’s good to hear that your research is broadening and improving your concept. In the future, do you see yourself running Kickstarters for these?

  2. I encountered the Golden Sky Stories RPG while browsing TV Tropes, by the end of the day I had the PDF. It is utterly beautiful and you are to be commended, Sir, for your efforts in bringing it to the Western World. Managed to find the artist’s manga translated on MangaFox as well. Is basically the manga of the game and equally heartwarming (save the odd pervy kappa). An elderly Tengu with little power left would make an excellent mentor for an RPG group (and convenient GM avatar).

    Is this going to see a hard copy release internationally, via the usual distribution channels? I’d like to buy it at my Friendly Neighbourhood Games Store, Orc’s Nest in central London, as I did the Maid RPG a few years ago, If necessary I will order it directly however.

    1. Thanks! We worked really hard on it, and it’s great to see people enjoying it. :) The tengu from Nekomusume Michikusa Nikki would make a great Local God character in GSS terms, though I’ve also considered creating a tengu character type at some point.

      We’re still in the process of getting set up for retail sales to non-backers. We’d like to be able to sell through game stores here and abroad, but we’re in the preliminary inquiries stage just now. Direct orders will be available fairly soon though, once Kickstarter fulfillment is out of the way.

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