Beyond Otaku Dreams Alpha

I finished up a first draft of Beyond Otaku Dreams, and just has a rather messy, abortive playtest.[1] Right now I’m kind of lost as to what to do with it, so I’m tossing it on the internet to see what people make of it.

Beyond Otaku Dreams Alpha 001 PDF

The core game is definitely a branch of the Fiasco family tree. I’m really liking the idea of RPGs whose rules don’t particularly concern themselves with success and failure, because it seems to open up a huge number of types of genres and stories that wouldn’t work nearly as well in a traditional RPG (as evidenced by games like Fiasco, GxB/BxB, Hot Guys Making Out, etc.). I especially like the idea of handling an epic “final battle” that way, though I didn’t get as far as trying those rules out in the playtest. I think the big issue with the game right now is that it leaves a bit too much blank canvas for players to fill it, but I’m not sure how to go about fixing that.

[1]We were a bit tired and hot and in mixed moods, so I don’t know how much was problems with the game and how much was from other stuff.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Otaku Dreams Alpha

  1. Well, I’ll start with honestly affirming that yes, it’s definitely messy. The Fiasco roots are still very obvious. However. I still love it. I think you’ve hit upon something very powerful, though maybe that’s just because I’ve glimpsed the same things around cons.The character questionnaire is at once intense and wonderful. I’d say that’s the strongest part. Well, one of them.

    Have you considered forking in a little Scott Pilgrim as inspiration? I actually got some of that, even though SP is a Western piece of media. (One interpretation I’ve heard of SP is that it’s an extended metaphor in Scott’s head for dealing with a RL relationship issue.) It actually feels pretty spot-on for the idea of Dreamers.

    The economy of Weird is absolutely phenomenal.

    I’d look into defining the acts. I remember that Jason said Fiasco was originally a three-act game, but that it flowed much better when only two acts were fully played-out. I feel as though you could do four acts, but you’d have to direct each act towards something in particular. Playing with a Seasons motif might be one fun direction to go.

    With regards to the Final Fight: what if you dabbled in the Bliss Stage idea of “love is my weapon”, using relationships and other abstract things as physical weapons?

    The random tables are delightful.

    Needs more fighting. You talked it up a bit, and I think a fighting system (especially as an overlay to RL problems) would be fantastic to overlay into this game. But that’s just me.

    Finally, revisit it tomorrow, or in a couple days. That helps a lot with reassessment. Hope/Delusion and the character questionnaire are the cores of this game, I think, with the Weird economy just hovering around there. Keep pushing those; you’ve got something meaningful here.

  2. Ugh. I think I lost the comment when trying to post it. >.<

    Long story short: I love it. Yes, it's messy. But it's got a really meaningful core. I think you've nailed the con experience, and pointed the game right at the heart of what it's about. That questionnaire is intense and powerful. Keep pumping at it. You've got something wonderful in the works here.

    (Also–there's a lot that reminds me of Scott Pilgrim; maybe steal from there some? Especially with the frequent fights, because you make reference to that.)

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