Triptych & Fast Fantasy

Most Friday nights I game with an awesome bunch, and we’ve gone through a bunch of different indie games (and we’re playtesting Magical Burst next week). One member of that group, Aaron Smith, has been working on some nifty games for a while, and (what with me being kinda sorta internet famous) asked me to post them up here. So, for your consideration (and hopefully enjoyment), two free games he’s been working on.

Triptych is a simple, fast-playing game with indie sensibilities that draws on FATE. It also includes three settings: Stardust & Æther Winds (science fantasy with space-faring sailing ships), Megatropolis (a setting for romantic comedies with anime elements), and The 5 Kingdoms – Earth Under Heaven (a deliberate mishmash of wuxia and chambara martial arts movies).

Fast Fantasy is a quick and easy fantasy adventure game, inspired by epic fantasy novels.

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