Maid RPG Tumblr

Maid RPG 120%, my attempt at a Maid RPG supplement, has been kind of floundering for a while now. One of the most ambitious aspects of this is trying to put together a new item table in the style of the original one, which means making 216 of the things. I decided to make a Tumblr and try to post one item up every day (I have a good amount done already, and Tumblr has a nice queue feature, so hopefully I should be able to keep it consistent) until I have a D666 table’s worth, and I set it up to allow for submissions too.

Also, I added a Steward Character Sheet to the Maid RPG 120% page, though it’s basically just a maid sheet with the word “stewart” added in several places (and a different font because I don’t have the one that was originally used).

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