Yuuyake Koyake Supplement: Kore Kara no Michi


The Sunset Games website now has some info about Kore Kara no Michi, the third and final Yuuyake Koyake supplement, due out this September. According to the description, it’s going to have one new character type, additional rules, and three scenarios, in a 64-page book like the prior supplements. As I’ve reported before, the book is indeed going to be about playing as humans. Here’s a quick translation of the description on the website, which looks very much like it’s going to be the introduction from the book:

It starts with one step.

First, you’re reading this book.

Thank you.

If you’ve never read Yuuyake Koyake and you’re reading this book, please see if you can borrow that book from a friend to read it. That book will let you become a henge and tell stories in the countryside. You need to know about that, or even if you read this book nothing can begin. How you begin the stories, and how you finish them, are not written in this book.

Yes, this is the final Yuuyake Koyake a book. It represents the end of Yuuyake Koyake, at least for now. Previously, there were Yuuyake Koyake, Mononoke Koyake, and Hitotsuna Komichi. Together, these tell you all about the mysterious inhabitants of the town. These prior books tell you the secret of how to become these beings, and tell stories about them.

Henge, mononoke, and elder henge. If you’re reading this, have you enjoyed becoming them and running all over town? Have you become them, and used mysterious powers that a person cannot? Have you spread more smiles around the town? If so, that makes us very happy.

You’ve become animals or monsters, or perhaps the narrator. Hopefully you’ve come to see the town from a different point of view. How people live, how things are, feelings, and surprises. You’ve given many things, and received many others.

That is the road that has led you here.

This book is the road from here.

What do you think of the town full of people, the town that you’ve been watching from the outside? You seen it as a henge, but what about as yourself? Yourself as a child, as you are now, or when you’re older. Was it as you really are, or as you wish to be?

The road that has led us here. You’ve seen the town as a henge, as a mononoke, as one who has watched the town since olden times. Now, let us take a first step onto a new road. It is not path either of us have walked before. Even the henge of the town have not walked this path before. This path is here for you to move ahead. It will not open until you do.

You can participate in stories as a normal person. People don’t have any wondrous powers. They simply have their feelings. But, their feelings, and the fabric of their connections to each other, are the most important thing of all.

Please remember, these people’s feelings created the town. Their feelings accepted the henge. The henge and the people joined hands. Up until now, the henge have been helping the people, but really, they’ve been supporting each other. People and henge, let’s walk together, one step at a time, on the road from here.

Now, gather your courage. As you’ve walked this road, you were never alone, and you never will be.

4 thoughts on “Yuuyake Koyake Supplement: Kore Kara no Michi

  1. Even with the awkward stuff, it sounds really great! Has there been any mention of what abilities normal people get?

    Hee… “borrow that book girlfriend to read it”

    1. PROTIP: Using voice recognition software is far from perfect, but it is necessary when carpal tunnel syndrome rears its ugly head.

      1. Are you using the same voice recognition program you did for your stories? I figure you were being quick here, but I don’t recall that many problems before.

        Don’t let the friendly ribbing get ya down.

      2. New version of the same software. It takes time for it to learn your voice, and even then you have to be vigilant.

        WRT your earlier question, what I’ve posted here is the sum total of the information they’ve revealed about Kore Kara no Michi.

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