Maid RPG Update: Bonus Scenarios


We have at long last put up a free PDF of the Maid RPG scenarios that didn’t quite make it into the English rulebook. Go to the Resources page of the Maid RPG site, and click on “Five Additional Maid Scenarios” for the 24-page PDF.

  • Farewell, Master: Mistress Norrie is caught up in intrigue that could end her happy life with her maids forever! A well-meaning Knight Templar, a scheming mother, and a girl who just might be the true heir to the throne!
  • The Master Has Amnesia?!: After a month spend unconscious, the Master finally wakes up After being attacked by robbers, but he has memory loss. The maids must help him find the truth and regain his memories!
  • Tales of Suspense: Master Kira Tsukishima is moving to one of the family villas to live closer to his new school, and the family has sent a butler because they feel maids alone won’t be enough. As they get settled in, a tale of intrigue unfolds!
  • Secret Base: Valuables have been going missing from people’s houses around the neighborhood, and the young and frankly not terribly smart young Master fancies himself a Sherlock Holmes, on the case and ready to ferret out the perpetrators!
  • Until The Master Is Born!: Sir Lepton has just died, and his adopted daughter Natalie and the maids are deep in grief, but Julio Lepton, the estranged son, comes to the mansion claiming to be the sole heir. The maids have to do something, and fast, or their happy life with Natalie will be lost forever!

1 thought on “Maid RPG Update: Bonus Scenarios

  1. Ahh, I really should have put a summary in there somewhere. I’ll probably do a quick re-edit in the next day or three.

    Also, I plan on bringing about 30 of these (printed locally) to ORIGINS as well, to give for free with purchases of the game.


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