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What was he thinking?
I wanted to translate Maid RPG because I think it’s a really fun game. That’s it. Seriously. I really didn’t give it any more thought than that.

Terminology and Stupidity
Somewhere along the line, people started trying to change the definition of “weeaboo” from “obnoxious fucktard who thinks Japan is superior but actually knows next to nothing about it he didn’t learn from Naruto” to “anything that seems even slightly Japanese–even if you have to squint really hard to make it seem that way–and comes from someone without a certificate of Japaneseness issued by the Emperor of Japan.” The former can be useful for pointing out where American anime fandom goes wrong. The latter is nonsense that perpetuates the notion that anime and manga are somehow “special” media with ludicrously high standards of authenticity, rather than just another kind of entertainment we can freely draw inspiration from.

Old School
I got the Tunnels & Trolls 7.5 boxed set. I’ve never seen an RPG that came with so many goodies.

New School
The next Kyawaii RPG is going to be a bit longer than the previous ones, and possibly more of a rough draft for a full game. Cliche, but neat in its own way.

It is strange that people would think they have any right to make demands of the creators of things they like, but it’s in no way odd that people might want stuff they like to stay available and perhaps become better. The creator still gets final say–that a-fucking-given–and some people are jackholes about it and need to be ignored or kicked, but still. It’s like when people talk about music piracy; the thing that’s reasonable and important to discuss (flaws in the record industry) gets hopelessly, idiotically intertwined with stuff that isn’t (the idea that it’s okay to pirate stuff).

Penguin Musume Heart seems like it uses Maid RPG’s physics engine.

Long-Awaited, Sorta
I wanted to like Anima: Beyond Fantasy, but it’s exactly the kind of tome of a derivative traditional RPG that makes me lose interest almost immediately. (For the record I have nothing against traditional RPGs; just the derivative tomes). It’s an incredibly pretty book, but it feels like it should have “In development for 12 years!” on the back, as though we should be excited by how someone fixed the perceived flaws in AD&D Second Edition. The Japanese-style art is mostly from actual Japanese artist, but the actual game shows no traces of any kind of Japanese TRPG design aesthetic. I may be being unduly harsh, but that’s where my tastes lie these days. If you like it, more power to you.

5 thoughts on “More Random Thoughts

  1. Well since you said you like 4th edition D&D. Have you ever played Exalted.? Certianily of a more epic feel certainly, but i feel epic level D&D is not sufficenly awesomwe enough. What do you think of the system?

  2. I do own a copy of the Exalted core rulebook, but it has the problem that the setting is so specific and detailed that I have a hard time even getting that far in the book, much less learning it well enough to teach it to all of my friends who won’t trouble themselves to read the book. D&D lets you do generic fantasy bullshit, and requires little to no explanation up front.

  3. Haha, thank you for showing me Penguin Musume Heart. I think I’m going to enjoy that show.

    (Internet) People overusing words like weeaboo is nothing new. It’s just sad that everybody else loses a good descriptive term that way. Another word that completely lost its punch is “lolikon”. Nowadays I even get the impression, people are proud of titling themselves with it or generally just use “loli” as a descriptor for every anime girl thats not designed by Studio Gonzo.

    I heard that Anima RPG was a quite hefty book. I was first interested in getting it just as a nice book to look at. But what I heard of the rules system, it reminds me too much of Rolemaster. And as much as I’ve enjoyed that back then, I wouldn’t want to play nor GM anything like that again.
    Right now my priorities lie more with gamebooks I can actually get some play value out of.

  4. Matt Snyder announced that he was closing up shop indefinitely on Chimera Creative. On Story Games, the well-wishing was mixed with some people saying “You can make the PDF available indefinitely, and you can have print books available from lulu with minimal effort. Why artificially pull your stuff off the market?” I think this is a legitimate question, albeit one to which “It’s my work and I don’t want to” is a legitimate answer.

    For like two weeks the forum had a relentless succession of B.S. that basically consisted of exaggerated and stupid versions of those two legitimate positions. Some folks were acting like creators shouldn’t have the right to take their works off the market if they so choose (which is idiotic), and some others were acting like everyone even slightly questioning Matt’s decision are phenomenally entitled asshats (a small minority were indeed being asshats about it, but IMO they were the exception to the rule).

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