Maid RPG: Update 9 (Goodies!)

The layout for Maid RPG is all done, so at this point we’re pretty much just getting our crap together for GenCon. In the meantime, I have some nifty stuff to share:

Andy’s done an update to the placeholder for the Maid RPG website, with some links, some info, and the English character sheets. We also now have a Maid RPG mailing list set up.

Maid For Yotsuba
For those of you who can stomach such things, a friend of mine (Usually Random) has been running demo games via IRC coordinated through 4chan’s /tg/ board. There are inevitably people who feel the need to denounce the game, often with profanity, but there’s actually a lot more enthusiasm than anything else. There are logs, characters, and even the beginnings of a Sangoku Musou (Dynasty Warriors) mod on this wiki.

My artist friend finished up some printable Maid RPG miniatures he did for me as a birthday present. One set is for the pregens I made for running Maidenrangers of Love and Justice at the con, and the other is a smattering of generic masters and maids, and one butler.

Print them out (preferably on cardstock), cut them out, and glue them together (a glue stick or simple white glue works best), and you’re ready to go.

The original Japanese books had some little comics that for various reasons didn’t make it into the English version. I’ve whipped up some quick translations of these for your amusement. I didn’t flip them, so all of these read right to left.

Maid RPG Back Cover
This was from the back cover of the core rulebook. I only had a scan of it, so in some places I couldn’t get rid of the Japanese text properly. Hence the extensive use of Photoshop’s Stroke layer style.

Koi Suru Maid RPG Intro Comic
This appeared with the introduction to the first Maid RPG supplement.

Yugami: Seduction
Yugami plots to use the new rules to her advantage.

Yugami: Costume Change
The continuation, where Yugami tries for the costume change rules.

11 thoughts on “Maid RPG: Update 9 (Goodies!)

  1. Any chance of a quickstart or demo edition of Maid? I’m from Brazil and I see that Maid RPG could be very fun here, mainly ’cause all the lollita and yaoi/yuri otakus from here (Ouran and PrinPrin are best sellers here).

  2. I talked to Andy about it, and we’d definitely like to do something like that. It’s a matter of one of us having the time to actually put something together. Andy’s WAY too busy with Tenra Bansho Zero stuff, so it’ll fall to me mostly. I have some ideas, but it’ll take a little while to assemble.

  3. sweet! i can’t wait to get this and tenra to complete my j-rpg collection!

    alas i’m of the type that probably won’t be too into playing a hot oiled up french maid but considering that the game (at this point with my limited info) seems like it’s about currying favor with a master, i’m thinking it might be easily moddable to something involving “court intrigue” and being a courtier and backstabbing and stuff. also i wonder how it will compare to something which is on the surface somewhat similar – my life with master.

    interesting times. HURRY UP!

    and rock on.


  4. Honestly, Maid RPG can be about whatever you want it to be about. The setup with seeking the Master’s favor often becomes a framing device for something else, and the Master’s superiority doesn’t have to be that cut and dry. Think of it first and foremost as Teenagers From Outer Space or Toon, but with maids.

  5. Yo, I demoed and bought the maid rpg at gen con. It’s great, but there are a fair number of strange grammar/mistakes in the book. If you run a second printing I think you should do a bit of editing first. I still love the game though, thanks for bringing it to america!

  6. Yeah, believe me that stuff drives me crazy. Two people went through and did editing, but some stuff got by them, and then a few more problems apparently cropped up during layout, so (as I noted in my newest post), the next order of business is to go through it with a fine-tooth comb and fix all of that stuff so we can put together an errata file and fix up the next printing.

    Regardless, thank you!

  7. Damn! I was in such a frackin’ rush that I stopped by the booth, picked up Hellas for my bud back in Baton Rouge, and TOTALLY MISSED the Maid RPG! Oh well…did you buy the rock,paper,scissors die from me at Lou’s booth?

  8. No, I bought them at the Koplow Games booth. I did buy some precision edge dice for a friend of mine at the Gamescience booth though. (And my friend loves them by the way).

  9. y’know, i was looking at that maid wiki and it seems like it could modified into a SUPERS game pretty readily….

    the emphasis on “outfit” is very supers friendly…. the headdress would be either the cape or if you’re a NO CAPES! kinda guy or gal, it can be the chest emblem.

    you can swap out “the master” for “the masses” and you get favor (or mebbe “good p.r.”) for rescuing them. drop below zero and you can get fired as a super and forced to resign or maybe become a villain!

    not sure how “seduction” would be adapted though… gotta think about that…. maybe adapt it to a CORRUPTION MECHANIC… like tenra – power corrupts – inevitably. oooo, that might work.

    random events would work great too.

    can’t wait….

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