Falling Into Places

Mike had a really brilliant idea that he never got around to telling me about until last night. He was thinking of trying to make a Neko Machi RPG as a birthday present for me, but he didn’t get far before I posted about Raspberry Heaven. So the idea, which I think is exactly what RH needed all along, is to play cards for each of the 4 panels (kishoutenketsu again). I still need to figure out where to go from there with the idea, of course. I want to make a sheet with spaces for the cards and explanations of what goes where. It could be a deck of playing cards where highest card played gets narration rights (possibly with a requirement of a given suit for each stage of kishoutenketsu), or playing cards with some significance to what is played, or maybe (borrowing from the Bullwinkle RPG oddly enough) a deck of custom cards with plot elements. As Moonsick is already going to involve a deck of 90 or so custom cards, I’m not too hot on doing that with yet another game, but we’ll see. Regardless, quirks will definitely fit into how the cards are played in some way.

I’m not really into card games (or board games for that matter), but cards are really neat. :3

Also, Mike is working on his own music-fueled RPG, which we playtested last night. There’s an initial post about the idea here on Story Games, and more recent stuff here. IMHO he’s got a solid start on a game — a musical, rules-light Shin Megami Tensei/Persona kind of thing — that’ll be awesome after some more tweaking and whatnot. It’s tentatively titled “PodCasters”, which very unexpectedly is growing on me, despite how terrible it is.

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