Random RPG Night

So, I’ve managed to coerce my friends into having a second weekly game night, dedicated to trying out new stuff in one-shots and mini-campaigns, which in practice will mostly mean a mix of crazy indie stuff and me subjecting everyone to playtests of my games. Hopefully it’ll also mean other people running stuff now and then (including but not limited to the Ghostbusters RPG I ordered for Elton), and maybe even new people (or old friends who don’t normally roleplay) joining us sometimes.

So, here’s the list of game’s I’m contemplating running. The first week is going to be the second episode of the Tokyo Heroes playtest mini-campaign (Shadow Hunter Akuranger).

My Games
Tokyo Heroes
Halo: The Covenant War
Thrash 2.0

Published Games
Panty Explosion
The Mountain Witch
Mister Lincoln eXperiment
Prime Time Adventures
Dogs in the Vineyard
My Life With Master
Exosuit A-ok
Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Games I’m Thinking About Getting
The Shab-al-Hiri Roach
Don’t Rest Your Head
The Dictionary of Mu
Hero’s Banner
Faery’s Tale
(Your Game Here, Maybe?)

Setting Ideas (To Be Paired With An Appropriate System)
Magic Shop (Slayers meets Are You Being Served?)
Angel Soul (Scryed, but with angels)
Kitsune (fox-spirits in modern-day Japan)
Full Metal President (inspired by Metal Wolf Chaos)
Black Hole Girls (normal schoolgirls with extremely powerful alien symbiotes)

4 thoughts on “Random RPG Night

  1. I have to wholeheartedly recommend Spirit of the Century by Evil Hat. If you’re familiar with the FATE system, well, this is the newest version and it just rocks hard.

    Plus it’s Pulp! Which is an awesome genre! The game itself is also designed as a Pickup game, meaning one you can run on the fly, with little prep, and a random group. It’s episode oriented, not campaign oriented. The character advancement rules cover a whopping 3 and a half pages (out of 420) – roughly the same amount of type is used to describe the Academics skill. This gives an idea of how insignificant advancement is in the game :)

    I’ve been reading the PDF and man am I in love with this game.

    Strongly recommended. Go over to Evil Hat and check out the preview.

  2. Still trying to make time to read it. I’ve had a lot of freelance work coming down the pipeline all at once lately.

  3. Just saying, considering the “Games you think of getting” list, this is a game you already have, so consider! :D

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