[In-Character] Truth & Justice, Episode 12

We spoke to Glenn about Razmus’ findings, and the implications of what we’ve learned. We just don’t know enough, and we keep finding ourselves thinking around in circles. Glenn told us about the history between himself and Amalgam — they both became metahumans because of the same nuclear accident — who may be the one behind all this. Or there might be someone above him. That raises the question of whether Glenn was meant to be involved in this, and so on. Circles.

Razmus and I both got our powers from our parents though, and Project Perseus was trying to use both in some way. Furthermore, there are similarities between the cellular breakdown that would theoretically be caused by normal humans using the Mega-Brace and that which we’ve witnessed in the clones of Razmus. It’s not exactly the same, but the general process — where chromosomes are broken down at specific points — is very similar. In the case of the Mega-Brace this is because it’s meant “attach” at a genetic level when activated, and ordinary human DNA can’t withstand the stress that’s being applied at the wrong points. In the case of the clones, it may be a deliberate self-destruct mechanism.

In spite of the excitement the water nymph incident caused, the people here in Aegis seem fairly blase about the matter, and reconstruction began promptly. I also visited the costume shop and got a riding outfit as intended. Thankfully that part went smoothly.

The big news today was that Aphrodite was visiting Aegis. At least in terms of PR, she is far and away America’s biggest superhero. I don’t share Raz’s pathological need to insult her at every turn — a need that in him exceeds any pragmatism — but (apart from Jack) we’re all in agreement that she’s an arrogant bitch and not qualified to call herself a superhero anymore. It was her own arrogance and impulsiveness that cost Avatar her powers and split up the Watchmen (a lesson Razmus needs to remember I think), and the moment there were no cameras around she revealed her true colors, and it wasn’t pretty. That she has fans doesn’t surprise me; it’s the absolute devotion she’s afforded. No one, human or metahuman, can even stomach the idea of her being tarnished in any way, even by a 16-year-old who to all outward appearances should be of no consequence whatsoever. People act like she’s above the law, and by now she probably believes it too. And the control of information about her on the internet and in the media is downright Orwellian. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt — she does at least give the world a positive view of metahumans — but that was a waste. She would be an impossibly powerful foe if it came to that.

Razmus has been a lot more friendly and such (and he even listened to me when I told him not to make pointless trouble by throwing a tomato at Aphrodite), but he still can’t help but find ways to infuriate me. In one of his regular visits to the comics store he picked up a Mega-Rider manga tankoubon — I didn’t know they published them in English — and when I mentioned about the extensive Mega-Rider merchandise (and Ryo’s collection of such) he immediately went conclusion-jumping and assumed that my father (you know, the one that Raz knows nothing about, much less has ever met) was a “sellout.” I’m going to let it slide this time.

I wonder if these dreams are because of the Mega-Brace. I hate feeling helpless. Two more weeks to go, and they’re passing so quickly. I called mom and told her Glenn and I — and three more — were coming. When I asked about my grandfather, she just said, “We’ll talk about that when you get here.” I suppose since she married him she must know something about my father, but it never occurred to me that there’d be something she was keeping from me. She’s always seemed so normal, and I think that’s what dad liked about her.

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