[In-Character] Truth & Justice, Episode 10

Today I got to feel useful.

We took a private jet to Aegis, in the middle of the night. I keep mentioning Raz, but no one else feels the need to shove so many things in other people’s faces. He has a way of looking at the world that draws out the flaws in others. So, he accused the metahumans of Aegis of xenophobia. I suppose there’s a kernel of truth somewhere in there, but it’s leaving out so much of the story, seemingly to give him an excuse to look down on an entire city of people he’s never even met. If there’s anyone who should understand the desire to get away from people prejudiced against those who are different, it’s Raz. Instead, accusations, conflating cause and effect.

Aegis is small and flat and new, and populated not only by metahumans, but their families, and an entire secondary population that takes care of much of the day to day matters. Especially for a nonprofit organization, the facilities of the Super-Mentors is impressive. We signed the paperwork that made us a super-team. Officially. Unfortunately, not too long after we had two problems emerge — and at this point I can only assume they’re in some way related. Sam was feeling exceedingly tired, and had to be hospitalized, while Raz… seemed to have lost his powers.

I decided to investigate what I could, comparing the original samples with the black goo and the new samples taken by the medical center. The metahuman element in Raz seemed to have simply vanished, while Sam was… growing a third DNA helix, making him something unique in the world. It’s hard to say what exactly this means, except that it created a new incident. As the process was nearing completion, the water in the medical center started to go crazy. He started creating water nymphs, just like Raz said he did at Sunspot’s house, but this time there were several hundred of them, and they began to combine into two colossal ones.

I stopped Raz from going in there. He wants me to trust my instincts and make snap decisions, and that’s what he got. He said something odd; he asked how I would feel if someone took the Mega-Brace. I made some lame comment about how “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” but once again he doesn’t understand how I think. I’m not proud of it, but if my conscience would let me be rid of it, I would. If the Mega-Brace hadn’t entered into my life, I could be attending Tokyo University right now, and instead I’m lying to my family, risking my life, and wearing my father’s mask, all for ideals I haven’t really been able to fulfill yet. The only life I can definitely say I saved was that of Swan after all. He said something about how his powers are how he knows who he is. Is this a teenager thing? I know who I am, even if I’m not always happy with it, and the Mega-Brace is at best a symbol, not the article itself.

Glenn and Jack rescued the comatose Sam from the medical center, and I used the Mega-Beam for the first time to help defeat the giant water nymphs. It was quite a sight to see more than 50 metahumans working as one, and an amazing feeling to be a part of something so big. The first one we literally evaporated, and the second one Glenn put oxygen tanks into, and I detonated. I wound up using it four times, and it took a lot out of me.

When the dust settled, the medical center was all but demolished, Raz still had no powers, and Sam was feeling exceptionally healthy. Maybe “Stormcrows” would be a better name for our group. When disaster doesn’t come to us, we bring it ourselves, one way or another.

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