Halo: The Covenant War, Update Again

I was putting off H:tCW, but I got back into it. At the moment it’s mostly a matter of working out the standard mechanics for stuff like autofire and vehicles. If I can get more done I might even be posting up the untested version to my website soonish.

I haven’t really started working on it seriously, but I’m also planning to put together some kind of rules for doing a game in the vein of Red Vs Blue, with the PCs standing around being incredibly bored and making lots of pop culture references. I’m thinking there’ll be something or other to do with each character having a different source of sanity (or whatever passes for such); for Simmons it’d be ass-kissing, for Church it’s be selfishness, and so on.

I also got a wacky idea from Galaxy Angel. It’d be a sort of follow-up to my memorable Star Sorcerer campaign, except the PCs would be actors who starred in a TV drama based on the exploits of the PCs from the original campaign.

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