First Post – What To Expect

I’ve decided to try to separate my RPG-related musings from the white noise of my LiveJournal. I don’t know how long I’ll keep updating regularly, but right now I have the RPG bug unusually badly, so I’ll probably be posting quite a bit for a little while.

Right now I’m working on two different systems — the second edition of Thrash, and a new sentai RPG called Tokyo Heroes. Both are now going really well, to the point where having a version for playtesting is going to be mostly a matter of getting what’s in my head and notebook into the Word doc, plus some grunt work (designing maneuvers) in the case of Thrash. Both are going to need plenty of playtesting, albeit for somewhat different reasons.

This evening we finished up a mini-campaign run by my friend Elton, using Fudge and based in the same universe (a science fantasy space opera setting that I really need to write a book for some day) as the long campaign I ran and finished not too long ago. Up next is my friend Mike’s superhero campaign, for which it looks like he’s settled on Truth & Justice. So, I’ll be printing out the pdf (and Prime Time Adventures too) for further perusal, since I have a terrible time reading pdfs on a computer monitor. This is partly because for some reason people always do them in two or more columns, which makes the file just annoying to read when you have to either scroll up and down or make the page too small to read in the first place.

In the past I’ve had a really hard time wrapping my head around the stuff that’s going on with RPG theory, but then I came across this page, which contains links to numerous RPG design and theory blogs. I used Plucker to take it with me to work on my PDA, and I found I was actually understanding most of what was said. I don’t want to go knocking Ron Edwards’ articles, but for various reasons they just don’t do it for me. In the couple of hours it took for me to go through the various blogs I already felt like I was getting much deeper into understanding new concepts in RPGs, and it affected Tokyo Heroes right then and there.

So, while you shouldn’t expect too much, I will be occasionally philosophizing about RPG theory here, as well as talking about where things are with my games and my experiences with actual play.

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