Schoolgirl RPG


In Schoolgirl RPG you play a random, quirky, and possibly unnatural schoolgirl who must cope with all the random weirdness that comes her way. Based on the rules of Maid: The Role-Playing Game, this mini-RPG will provide plenty of exhausting, random fun.

To play you will need some friends, pencils, paper, six-sided dice, and the willingness to roll dice for just about everything.

Schoolgirl RPG Core Rules($2.49)
Schoolgirl RPG Supplement 1: Extra Credit ($2.99)
Schoolgirl RPG Supplement 2: Doki Doki School Days ($2.99)
Schoolgirl RPG Supplement 3: Otoko no Michi ($1.99)

The Complete Edition of Schoolgirl RPG compiles the core rules and all three supplements into a 66-page 6″x9″ book.
By at Amazon ($12)
Buy from DriveThruRPG in PDF ($8) or Print ($12)
Buy from Lulu ($12)

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